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Interested in mental health and yoga? 

Click here to learn about my upcoming therapy group Flow~Reflect~Connect!

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Tall Trees Counseling

Offering in-person counseling in Bellingham, WA

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Welcome, I'm Kelsey (she/her)

I offer mental health counseling and therapeutic yoga sessions to individuals ages 17 and above. My goal as therapist is to help my clients gain awareness about the ways in which suffering is created in their life. From this place of awareness we can be specific and realistic about the skills, attitudes and choices that will alleviate suffering and nurture health and peace.

Welcome members of BIPOC and LGBTQA+ Communities.
You are wanted and loved here.

May we learn from the tall trees.

May our roots anchor us deeply and our branches learn to bend with the wind.

May we grow well together and stand tall throughout the storms of life.

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